Nina N. Sacaramento, CA

"My Life Coaching experience with Jeanine Cummings was very positive! Her honest and open approach to coaching was very engaging in a non-threatening environment, I was able to express myself freely, and trusting  the process of getting what I needed in those sessions. 

I own a small business, and I needed help in putting together a business plan that would help increase my sales. I am happy to report that not only did my sales increase, but that I have more public exposure, and a big increase in new products that I added to my company. I would highly recommend Ms. Cummings services to anyone seeking positive changes in their careers, or personal life."

Fredrick C. Brentwood, CA

"Ms. Cummings was definitely a wonderful life coach. She makes you feel very comfortable. With the way she uses her words, I didn't feel as if I was being judged by Ms. Cummings. Her style of engaging me definitely opened me up more to the life coaching experience. The way her words come out is very inviting and passionate. Her life coaching has definitely made a new impact in my life. I would strongly recommend Ms. Cummings to anyone as a life coach. You will not be disappointed! 

More coming soon.