Happiness Coaching

THE DALAI LAMA once said: "The purpose of our lives is to be happy"

You have the power to choose happiness, but oftentimes it is a lack of awareness that one's environment stirs desire that leaves people unhappy. Believe it or not, thinking positive is not enough to create happiness. 

In Happiness Coaching, clients look at their desires and define what's important to them. Probing questions are asked, such as, "Why do you want these desires?" and "What would it mean to you to achieve these desires?" By looking at the ways these desires impact our clients' lives, our clients come to discover where their desires truly come from and are then able to see if their wants stem from healthy places. 

Through dialogue and worksheet exercises, desires are brought to the surface and our clients start to visualize what the impact these dreams have once they are achieved.

Happiness Coaching will help you look at what desires will help you achieve happiness and show you how to sustain that happiness.